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24/7 Courier Service

No matter the time, day or night, we’re here for you. Your package is too important to leave to just anyone, which is why we’re very particular about who completes your delivery. Our professional, couriers work their magic with friendly smiles and upbeat character. With over 64 courier messengers in the tri-state area. 

Title Validation Services

The fastest turn around time in the industry. 24 Title Validation. We know if you’re calling us, you’re probably in a stressful situation. With speed, knowledge and great customer service, we’ll help you out! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our fleet is the backbone of our Tri-State courier service, allowing our drivers to cover every city corner and street. We keep our vehicles well maintained to ensure efficient, reliable deliveries. Equipping our entire fleet with built-in GPS systems, our dispatch team can track your driver’s status and provide you with real-time ETAs. 

Why Choose Us?

No matter the time, day or night, we’re here for you. With over half of a century in business we can help.

Legalization Services

JEFRON is one of the largest document legalization companies in the country. Our network of offices and expertise allows us to serve our clients and help them navigate the various government requirements for document legalization.

We hand deliver documents to most offices with our own personnel. We process documents related to commercial export shipments as well as legal documents such as Intellectual Property or Patent documents.

Letters of Credit

JEFRON Messenger isthe largest Consular Legalization and Export Letter of Credit Compnay in the northeast. We service all industries from Freight Forwarders to Custom House Brokers to Consalidators to Exporters

Overnight Courier Service

No matter what your shipping destination is or when your package needs to get there, we have a service as individual as your needs. Through our carrier services, we can ship your package anywhere, any time. Take a look at the guaranteed services we offer:

Next Day Early A.M.Service

Next Day AirPriority

Next Day Air Saver

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